So this was born out of my 'Ask the Good Death Doula' event I held recently.

It seemed one of the most poignant moments was the moment of silence when I held space for myself and the participants to feel grief: for whatever and whomever they may be grieving in that moment.

I realized something I *CAN* do right now is hold space for people of all communities dialoguing about our grief and mortality; which makes perfect sense, because that's kind of my specialty, and seems to be in great need right now.

I may not understand each individual, and each community's unique experiences, but I understand how to support people through grief and I understand how to hold space - and I understand how to know when *I don't know,* and how to learn.


You're not obligated to come every week, you can contact me the week-of and I will give you login information and you can just join as you please each week - but please commit to the whole session which will last from 7-8:30 pm EST.

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