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Kayla Moryoussef is a Toronto-based community worker & registered social service worker who has been volunteering and working in end-of-life care for over seven years. She is a death educator, death doula candidate with Home Hospice Association, and project manager for all of their Death Cafés across southern Ontario. 

We were curious about why she was drawn to death work, and what she’s learned about life from those who are on their deathbeds.

SDTC: Tell us about how you got started in death work.

KM: I was working in the music industry, but I knew I wanted to be in the care-giving profession. I was looking for opportunities, and I found a hospice in Toronto who would give me forty hours of training and then put me in the field with dying people. I was like, “Sign me up!” I did the training with Hospice Toronto, then I became an in-home palliative care team volunteer member......                                              READ MORE HERE